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About us

We are an organization engaged in education in the field of health and healthcare. Our goal is to improve health awareness so that we all have such a health knowledge foundation that we don't neglect a potential problem due to lack of knowledge. A quick response can save lives. As well an informed decision making.

We believe there is something we like to call "health basics" everyone should know. Practical, clear, understandable and from verified sources. We work with experts on everything we do. We have doctors and health professionals for each topic based on their specialisation.  

We would namely like to thank: MUDr. Dubravka Jaganjacová (internal medicine & geriatrics), Ph.D., MUDr. Edo Jaganjac (surgery & orthopedics), MUDr. Kateřina Kopečková, PhD. (oncology), MUDr. Kristýna Lexová, (oncology) MUDr. Eva Formánková (neurology), Pavla Doláková (psychotherapy) and others who always contact us for the given topic.

Our team

We are a team made up of a sociologist focused on healthcare who wants to change the world, a doctor passionate about education, a patient passionate about education, a corporate running enthusiast who wants to help us grow and an illustrator who helps where she is needed.

"We believe there is something we call health basics that everyone should know."

Check out what we do:

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